Before you leave Weekend One – Look Up!

Stained-Glass-300x200One of the challenges of a scout leader taking a group of new young scouts on a trail hike is to get them to look and listen to all the things around them and not just focus on the trail ahead.  The great things found in the out-of-doors are all around us and to see or hear them we must be observant.

When you come to Wood Badge, make sure you take time to look around and observe all that is around you.  A Wood Badge course is chocked full of pride and tradition and you are sure to see this if you just look around…and in particular, up.  In doing so, you will quickly find a plethora of banners and flags created by those that have participated in courses before you.  Look closer and you may see names on these flags that represent many of the staff assembled for your course.  Who knows, in some future course, your own banner might be hanging if you are so blessed to be invited to be a staff member.

Looking up at the end of the Dining Hall, you will see a beautiful site and yet another tradition of Wood Badge in the Heart of Virginia Council.  Since our first Wood Badge for the 21st Century course, SR501, it has been the tradition to replicate each course’s patch with a stained glass artwork.  Each of the eight previous courses is proudly displayed in the high windows and stands to remind us of the legacy of Wood Badge. Look back after the course and you will likely see one for S7-602-16.

There are many other special things that you will see and hear in your course.  Many of these are extremely subtle and create very special “Ah-Ha” moments that will stay with you for the course and beyond.  To receive these gifts, all you need to do is look, and listen.

We would like to thank Craig Britt Wood Badge 2011 Course Director for this article.

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