Frank Howard – AFQM

frankWood Badge Course / Critter: S7-602-13  /  Bear

Scout Unit:  Troop 845

District:  Huguent Trail

Years in Scouting:  9 (5 as a Scout  and 4 AS an Adult)

Highest Rank:  First Class

Current Registered Position:  Assistant Scoutmaster

Other Positions in Scouting and for how long? Webelos Den Leader in Pack 2816 for 2 YEARS

Occupation?  Federal Correctional Officer

Who’s in Your Family? 

  • LYNN my Wife  (The love of my life)
  • RAYKESHIA my Daughter (The spice in my life)
  • FRANK II my Son – FIRST CLASS SCOUT (The variety in my life)

What is your favorite Scouting event? Camporees (I like to see scouts interact and learn outside of their home troop).

What do you most enjoy doing?  Fishing.

What is your best Scouting memory?  Seeing the Cub Scouts of Pack 2816 do a skit at Cub Adventure Camp.

If you had unlimited time and resources, what would you choose to do?  Quality time with the family, become more active in church, fish, promote scouting in the inner city.

What are the most important things in your life? Family and Faith.

What do most people not know about you?  I get really nervous in front of crowds.

What are your favorite movies?  Old kung-fu movies and comedy.

What is your favorite food or meal?  Anything my wife cooks.

What is your favorite book as an adult?  Bible and Fantasy

 As a youth?   Any  Dr. Suess

What is something about you that would surprise other people?  I use to collect Barbie Dolls.

What is your favorite childhood memory?  Playing with my little brother.

What is your favorite music and bands?

  • Gospel
  • Blues and R and B.
  • B. B. King
  • Bobby Blue Bland
  • Muddy Waters
  • Barkays
  • Parliament
  • Funkadelic
  • Gap Band
  • The Caldwell High School Marching Band

What are your hobbies?  Fishing and trying to tie fancy knots.

Geez, anything else?  There is plenty but that will wait until next time.