Kathy Aardema-Zunk – ASM Troop Guide


Kathy Aardema-Zunk

Wood Badge Course / Critter: S7-602-11 – Bear

Scout Unit: 822

District: Arrohattoc

Years in Scouting: 11 as adult leader

Highest Rank: Cadet in GS

Current Registered Position: ASM of Troop 822

Other Positions in Scouting and for how long? Den Leader, & Pack CC

Occupation? Registered Nurse – McGuire VA Medical Center

Who’s in Your Family? Mark(husband) Skyler(18-Eagle) Nolan(15-Life) Quinlin(12-Cadet)

What is your favorite Scouting event? Winter Camp & just plain truck camping

What do you most enjoy doing? Watching the 10 different sports my kids play!

What is your best Scouting memory? There are many- I was always jealous of my brothers and all their scouting trips – that I did not get to go on. Taking my first son, when he was 2, to sleep w/ his grandpa (scoutmaster) on his first Scouting lock-in at our church on Scout Sunday.

If you had unlimited time and resources, what would you choose to do?

What are the most important things in your life? Health & Family

What do most people not know about you? I am a perfectionist and my own worst critic

What are your favorite movies? Inkheart

What is your favorite food or meal? Doughnuts & crab legs- not together

What is your favorite book as an adult? As a youth? Hunger Games

What is something about you that would surprise other people? I am very much an introvert- everyone thinks I am an extrovert.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Proving my Dad wrong when he bet I could not lift a 50lb box of nails when I was 6. I won $ and proved a lot to myself & my Dad.

What is your favorite music and bands? Beach and reggae

What are your hobbies? Scrapbooking, Running, & balancing the family calendar

Geez, anything else?